Breaking news: Nintendo announce new product

January 21, 2004
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, president Satoshi Iwata) determined to put a completely new handheld game machine with two display screens on the market within the year. I adopt two TFT-liquid-crystal screens up and down, and realize new interactive amusement experience it is unexperienced once by carrying two more CPUs (central processing unit).

Since Nintendo put Family Computer on the market in 1983, although 20 years have already passed and the performance of a game machine has accomplished remarkable progress, attractive new game software development has shown the deadlock. Once, the luxury and the game system elaborate more highly and intricately of the graphics by the hard improvement in a performance became charm, and the interest over the game of you, a new user, has been evoked. However, today when a video game machine already has the audiovisual performance of a considerable high level even if it compares with other amusement media, such as television and a movie You of that surprise required for you, many users, to be able to feel charm cannot be offered any longer only by improvement in a visual ‚â sound side, and a large majority rather Even if interested in a video game, aren’t time and energy required to enjoy themselves thought and to be unable to dabble in themselves? [ too ]

Our company thought [ that completely new amusement experience of qualitatively different directivity from “heterogeneous play experience, i.e., making / old / the game which were dependent on improvement in audiovisual technology too much,” should be proposed, and ], and newly developed the handheld game machine equipped with two liquid crystal display screens.

Although it is naturally also possible to use two LCD as one big screen, making it improve sharply etc. can realize easily the existing operation feeling and existing charm of game software, such as displaying simultaneously what took a close-up of a player character for the whole field on another screen in one screen in a soccer game or RPG, for example. Furthermore, with the existing game machine, I wish to send “heterogeneous play experience” which was never able to taste to the visitor in the world by giving a completely different function to each screen.

Brand name NINTENDO day S (tentative name)
Sale time 2004 end of the year
Manufacturer’s suggested price Undecided
CPU Main processor ARM9
Sub processor ARM7
Display screen 3 inch TFT color liquid crystal xtwo
With a back light
Soft storing media Semiconductor memory (a maximum of 1 G bits)

In addition, NINTENDO day S (tentative name) is planning exhibition in the form which can be played in E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) which is the world’s largest video game show held in U.S. Los Angeles on May 12, this year-the 14th of the U.S. time.

Note Imagine playing Pikmin and sending a whole load of pikmin off to do a task whilst you and a few more pikmin do something else.
Imagine playing Mario and luigi, mario has to go find one thing whilst luigi finds another and both things have to be pressed/ pulled/ switched at the same time!!! The possibilities are endless. Well done Nintendo!