Brand New Dev Announced For Gothic 4

As you may already know Piranha Bytes (the original developer of the Gothic series) and JoWooD (the publisher) recently had a falling out over Gothic 3. Due to this agro JoWooD have announced that Spellbound Entertainment will be the new developer for the Gothic series and will be taking the helm of the upcoming Gothic 4, which has just been announced. JoWood also revealed that Gothic 4 will be the first time a Gothic game will be coming to console. No details are known about the game as of yet.

If you are still a fan of Piranha Bytes then you might be interested to hear that they have now moved on to sign a deal with a new publisher – Deep Silver – to develop an as yet unnamed game. Hopefully both of these new games won’t be forced out before they are fully finished, as that was the main reason behind the Gothic 3 spat.