Bourne Conspiracy set for late June


Sierra Entertainment has announced that The Bourne Conspiracy will be getting its official release on both PS3 and 360 in Europe on 27th June. The game has been made to resemble the Bourne films, but will tell its own story. That story will also tie in with the films at some points. The developers High Moon Studios said they hope to keep the cat and mouse style espionage action of the films alive in the game, and that this will make the game “distinctively original” from the rest of the market.

The main draw of the game is expected to be its unique hand-to-hand combat system that will not only let you knock the seven shades out of people, but also perform gruesome takedowns. Quick-time events will on show too, as will gunfights. Car chases through the streets Paris will also be included in the title.

If you did not already know Matt Damon will not be taking part in the production of the game, because he is Matt Damon. High Moon has however worked closely with the estate of author Robert Ludlum to keep everything looking and feeling like it should.