Bourne Conspiracy now on Live in the US

A demo of the Bourne Conspiracy has recently gone up on Xbox Live in the US. The demo is not available in Europe as of yet, but don’t lose faith as it will come out over here on Live next week. It will also be available on the PlayStation Network this Thursday (May 8th).

The game has been made to resemble the Bourne films, but will tell its own story. That story will also tie in with the films at some points. The developers High Moon Studios said they hope to keep the cat and mouse style espionage action of the films alive in the game, and that this will make the game “distinctively original” from the rest of the market.

Initial impressions from around the web seem to hint that the game is quite fun to play, which is quite surprising for a game/film adaptation. Yes, we know it was a book first, but we’ll just dismiss that completely for the sake of boasting that we finally have a good game based on a film on our hands.