Borderlands goes cel-shaded, looks blooming good

newborderlands_news News is breaking that Borderlands, 2K’s upcoming shooter developed by Gearbox, has lost its realistic look, and opted to go cel-shaded. Gearbox community manager Ennui has posted on games official forum, talking about the change.

Though there’s always the chance some people could be turned off by the style, it was decided that, overall, it fits the game and creates a more visually interesting experience. Our concept art had this incredible, distinctive style and feel that fit so perfectly – the game has not become less detailed or washed out at all,” she comments.

Rather, it retains the detail and style that’s often lost when we move from concept art to 3D. It stands out, and makes the gray-and-brown bleak landscapes, while still bleak and inhospitable, memorable and recognizable. The entire world has life to it, from the creatures to the very rocks and dirty walls.”

PC Gamer have given a first look at the new version of the game in their latest issue – we posted a small snippet to the left. It’s kind of like the new Prince of Persia in our opinion, but a bit darker, and of course a completely different genre – science fiction first-person shooter – but the style is the same

Previously, Gearbox talked about many exciting features for Borderlands, commenting it would have 500,000 different guns as well as a huge amount of different item and armour variations that players could build. Furthermore, Gearbox hope the game will have little to no loading once players get past the initial intro, and that many parts of the game would have randomly generated locations in the hope to keep things fresh.

[Thanks, Deeko, Borderlands Guide]