Tomb Raider Rise

Borderlands 3 not cross-gen, Tomb Raider ups ante, glorious news bits

Welcome to Wednesday. It is an infinitely more exciting day than Tuesday was. Some say the day we referenced Gwyneth Paltrow was the worst day of the DZ Daily News updates, but for me, it was Tuesday. Let’s never talk about Tuesday again. Bad times, bad times.

Even though we are well into the life of our “next-gen” systems, many developers seem to be playing it safe, and making sure they produce a copy of their newfangled game for “last-gen.” This usually annoys many people, as they feel it limits what could be done if the game was built solely for the new systems with higher specs. Have no fear, Gearbox is here to help!

Looking further ahead, we have robust long-term pipeline of titles in development, including ground-breaking new intellectual properties and new releases from our proven franchises. For example, we can confirm that 2K and Gearbox Software will develop an all-new Borderlands game built specifically for next-gen consoles,” comments 2K president Karl Slatoff as part of their recent financial report. It cannot be spelt out any clearer than that.

The latest Game Informer had a ton of new Tomb Raider info within its pages. So much so, that putting it all here would make this piece far too long, and posting it all here would not be nice to the fine folks at Game Informer in the first place. We would not want to take all their readers away… erm.

Anyway, here is a quick rundown of the stuff (both old and new). Deep breath everyone!! Big brown bear, Siberian Immortality, snowy wilderness, hunting, crafting, survival gear, huge puzzle tombs, new enemies, secret society, two global locations, environment that hates you, weather system, animals, day/night cycle, climbable trees, big bushes, swimming, combat, various distraction tools, EVEN MORE BOWS, attributes, crafting, herbs, wounds, challenges, and a Jonah.

News Bits

  • I noticed that KRS-One’s ‘Sound of da Police‘ plays on Battlefield Hardline’s in-car radio. That instantly makes the game 10 times more interesting
  • A new PSDLE javascript tool makes managing PSN downloads a bit more bearable. Check it out on Reddit.
  • Playstation Plus got updated today with a bunch of new games – make sure to redeem yours.
  • The recently launched PSN sale seems a tad unintresting though.
  • Hold on to your butts, a LEGO Jurassic World teaser trailer was released. It showcases that the T-Rex had very short arms
  • Techland is boasting their newly released Dying Light has over 1.2 million players already. It would probably have more if physical copies were available in Europe
  • Look at this The Order 1886 Collectors Edition unboxing video. It has one of those stupid 7-inch statues in it that will end up in a skip if you have to move house.
  • The Star Wars Humble Bundle is very much worth checking out. The game quality to price point on this one is staggeringly good.

I am going to post something about Persona tomorrow. Otherwise I will hit someone with a steel folding chair.