Boom Blox getting a sequel this Spring


Yet another game is added to the growing list of ‘Wii-games-that-might-actually-be-good-this-year’, as EA have announced that brick ’em up Boom Blox is to receive a sequel later this year.

Boom Blox Bash Party (they missed out on the quadruple alliteration there) will build on the sucesses of the first game and offer “increased multiplayer action and more than 400 new levels that take players from underwater into outer space.”

Steven Spielberg is still associated with the project and had this to say about Boom Blox 2, “Boom Blox Bash Party is a wild social gaming experience. We know families and friends really enjoyed playing the original Boom Blox together, so we designed more explosive multiplayer experiences with Boom Blox Bash Party.”

The original Boom Blox was an underrated, underappreciated, overlooked gem of a title that just about managed to sell enough copies to justify a sequel. Fans of the game will be aware of the excellent level creator that allows you to build your own challenges and share these with your Wii friends, and they’ll be pleased to hear that Bash Party expands on this by allowing you to upload your creations with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Now you’ll be able to play levels made by other players around the world, as well as new levels created by the game designers at EA, which may or may not be an extra cost. It’ll be interesting to see how many phallic towers we see if no moderation procedures are put in place.