Bono Takes Two

Well, according to the New York Post, he might do just that. Paul David Hewson (better known as Bono), front man of popular rock band U2, is considering purchasing entertainment company Take Two Interactive which is responsible for top-selling franchises such as Grand Theft Auto. Elevation Partners (which Bono is the lead stockholder of) has a potential one billion dollar acquisition of Take Two Interactive at the ready. The company already controls developers BioWare and Pandemic through a $300 million investment the equity company made last year.

Lately, Take Two has been under much negative media due to the Hot Coffee mod in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and the constant onslaught of comments from lawyer Jack Thompson. The company’s stock offerings have fallen 19% and the earnings for the company’s last fiscal quarter have yet to be published. Also according to the New York Post, Take Two has been the interest of several parties interested in purchasing the renowned publication company.

Source New York Post