Blu Ray or HD DVD. Which Will You Choose?

Sony and Toshiba have joined forces to build on one format that will set the standard for high capacity digital media options for Hollywood and software houses alike.

In an effort to prevent a repeat of the VHS vs. Betamax saga, Toshiba has dropped the hardware manufacturing of HD DVD in favour of Sony and Co.’s Blu Ray DVD format.

However, not all is lost. Toshiba and its partners will develop the software and security encoding for the new medium. As a result, the project will retain the .1mm Blu Ray laser setup and have the locking power of HD DVD. This is the best outcome consumers could have hoped for.

It is unknown what the name of the new standard will be, but those worrying about their current DVD collections needn’t. Both HD DVD and Blu Ray were developed with backwards compatibility in mind. Therefore, it can be assumed that the forthcoming format will also.

Sony plans on using the Blu Ray technology in the forthcoming PS3. Microsoft and Nintendo are yet to confirm inclusion.

UPDATE Nihon Kiezai Shimbun, the publication behind the initial report, may not quite have the facts right. Sony and Toshiba have both issued denials of any such unification.

Hopefully, negotiations continue in a positive way.