Blu Ray Drive Will Cost $100 Per Playstation 3

It now looks as if Blu-ray drives for the PS3 could end up costing Sony a small fortune, or at the least putting a considerable dent in their corporate pockets. Each Blu-ray drive Sony will have to buy during the first half of 2006 will cost the company almost $100, even if they are going to buy in bulk.

In contrast to this it will only cost Microsoft $30, or considerably less than that as they will be buying in bulk for each drive they place in a 360 console. One would now have to wonder what price a finished PS3 console is going to cost with prices as high as $500 floating around at the moment, of course these prices are only rumored but are now looking very realistic in the light of recent developments.

On the plus side Blu-Ray will offer Sony great backward compatible with DVDs and CDs and the ability to store 25GB per layer (50GB in total) on the Blu-ray media which may prove a better strategy in the long-run when Blu-ray prices drop. Nevertheless, it’s a very expensive and some may say risky step that Sony is willing to take.