Blood Will Tell Coming To Europe

Adapted from the Manga tale penned by Osamu Tezuka, Blood Will Tell relates the exploits of Hyakkimaru, a tortured samurai whose limbs, organs and senses were removed at birth and as a result ended up decked out with lethal weapons instead of arms and legs. Now he’s on the trail of vengeance and a quest to get his missing bits back. Ahem.

Hyakkimaru has blades embedded in his arms – so he’s not completely ‘armless (badumtish) – and a bazooka nestling inside his leg, and players will also be able to pick up a variety of other weapons as they seek out the fiends responsible for leaving him less than human. Sidekick Dororo will be on hand as Hyakkimaru’s guide and fighting partner.

Exploration of large 3D environments, combat with demons and boss battles will be accompanied by puzzle solving, and there’s also co-op play, with players able to control both Hyakkimaru and Dororo during the adventure.

Its good to finally see more manga related releases appearing in the West, however this game will not be a huge hit… which would be a shame as the game is actually pretty decent.