Blizzard Showcases StarCraft: Ghost At BlizzCon

Blizzard today premiered the latest version of its upcoming tactical-action console game, StarCraft Ghost, at the company’s first-ever gaming convention, BlizzCon. Show attendees saw the most recent updates to the game’s single-player campaign and were given an exclusive look at the newly designed multiplayer scenario called “Invasion.” Also unveiled at BlizzCon were four new playable Zerg units for StarCraft Ghost multiplayer games the Zergling, Hydralisk, Infested Marine, and Mutalisk.

Over the past few months we’ve focused on further developing StarCraft Ghost’s single-player campaign while also expanding the game’s multiplayer features,” stated Mike Morhaime, president and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “BlizzCon attendees will be the first to see everything we’ve added, and we’re excited to hear their thoughts on all of the new content.”

New to StarCraft Ghost at BlizzCon are even bigger multiplayer battles, as the game now allows up to 16 players to each take on the role of one of eight different playable units and operate a number of powerful vehicles from the StarCraft universe. In the new Invasion scenario, players seize strategic points on a map to gain access to valuable resources, which in turn help them destroy their enemy’s base and win the game. Upon release, StarCraft Ghost will support multiplayer matches for Xbox players on Xbox Live and for Playstation 2 owners over, allowing gamers from around the world to compete in multiple settings from the StarCraft universe.

StarCraft Ghost will feature highly stylized character models, over-the-top special effects, and immersive 3D environments that reward creative exploration. The game’s deeply evolving story line and unique blend of stealth and action-based gameplay will take full advantage of Blizzard’s StarCraft universe and refine the epic experience to the level of the individual soldier. The game is currently scheduled for release in 2006 for Xbox and Playstation 2.