Bioware developing 2 games for Xbox 360

In an interview with, Greg Zeschuk from Bioware confirms 2 titles are in production for the new console.

Speaking in this exclusive interview he states that;

“We’re working on two [Xbox] 360 titles right now, so we have a pretty good sense of what’s possible, and where this generation’s at. I think we’ll see where it’s going pretty soon, but I think all the next-gen stuff is pretty exciting.

We can’t go into detail because of nondisclosure agreements, but we’ve had them for a while and obviously, since we’ve got two titles in development for it, we’ve had a tech team working on that. Our Technology Architecture Group is also working on a cutting-edge, next-generation engine for multiple systems. People will be hearing more about our games in development pretty soon. Microsoft seems to really be focusing on the [games scheduled for the Xbox 360’s] launch window, but we’ll be able to start talking pretty soon, and I think people will be pretty excited. All our games on both the PC and consoles are extremely ambitious, and to achieve that ambition, it takes time. We’re not going to cut corners. Really, to achieve the ambitions we’re going for with both our PC and console games–they’re the most ambitious ones we’ve ever done, in terms of art, story, feature set, online capabilities. Some really innovative stuff.”

He also comments on the New Nintendo Console ;

“And we’re really excited about the [Nintendo] Revolution and the ability to download and play all those old games!”

Stay tuned for more info as the games are set to be revealed within a few months. An online version of new intellectual property Jade Empire is highly rumored.