Bioshock movie in jeopardy, could be filmed outside US to save money

Variety report that the movie based on Bioshock, which had a planned budget of $160 million, and was set to be shot in LA, is causing some concern for Universal Studios. As a result, the studio want to move the filming to an alternative location, which could lead to a tax-break easing  financial woes.

Regretfully, because the production is now temporarily halted because of these worries, some staff has been let go. However, hope is still high that the film will be made, particularly when Gore Verbinski, the film’s director, recently bowed out of directing a forth Pirates of the Caribbean to work solely on Bioshock.

We were asked by Universal to move the film outside the U.S. to take advantage of a tax credit,” Verbinski said. “We are evaluating whether this is something we want to do. In the meantime, the film is in a holding pattern.