Bikes coming to Paradise City on Thursday 18th September

EA seems to be trying something novel with Burnout Paradise, they’re supporting it with massive content updates and expansions over half a year since the game’s original release. And best of all, these additions come at no cost whatsoever to the consumer. It’s difficult to see how the extra development costs could be re-couped with additional sales of the game, but no-one who purchased Burnout Paradise will be saddened if EA takes some losses.

The ‘Cagney’ update which hit a month or so ago added three new multiplayer modes, as well as giving Playstation 3 gamers the option to use custom soundtracks. Now, the ‘Davis’ update is set to add even more content and will land on PSN and XBL this Thursday, the 18th September.

‘Davis’ adds motorcycles to Burnout Paradise and players can choose from two fast and sleek motorcycles featuring a male or female driver and start on a whole new progression to earn a bike license. There are 38 new against-the-clock race events; some tailored for the day (Burning Ride), others designed for night runs (Midnight Ride). Not only will players be able to watch the sun rise over Paradise City at dawn or watch the amber sun fill the sky at dusk, but the brand new in-game 24-hr clock changes the way the game plays by clearing the roads at midnight when folks are home sleeping or filling the streets with morning traffic.

The bikes in Burnout Paradise can also be enjoyed in the game’s signature online mode: “Freeburn”. Paradise already offers 350 collaborative challenges in Freeburn mode, and the Bike Pack adds another 70 to the mix. These 70 bike-exclusive challenges are split 50:50 between regular challenges and timed, against-the-clock challenges for those who enjoy a little more intensity.

We can only hope that EA and Criterion find these updates to be a successful investment, and hope that we see similar re-inventions of other games in the future.