Big Pro Evo Tournament Planned For November

Konami and Fenchurch (they sell clothes apparently) are teaming up and putting on a big Pro Evolution Soccer 6 PS2 tournament at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in North London today.

Players will have the next month to hone their skills before taking part in the tournament starting on the 25 of November, in which the winner will take home a £1,600 cash prize. 128 players will be divided into groups of four for the first and second rounds, which will account of 32 players. Players who make it through these preliminary rounds will take part in a knock-out stage in which every player will play twice – a game at home and away, until the final. The finalists will then battle it out with each other for the top £1,600 cash prize, with runners up receiving £100 cash and vouchers from Fenchurch.

The tournament will take place on the following dates:
– 25 November 2006
– 26 November 2006
– 9 December 2006
– 10 December 2006

Entry will cost £20 and food and drink will be provided. To register for the tournament, simply send your name, age, email address and date on which you would like to participate either via e-mail to [email protected], or by text to 07858 620 423.