Besthesda announces new studio – “Battlecry Studios”

New news out of Bethesda today – the company has revealed that “it has established a new studio in Austin, Texas” called Battlecry Studios.

Rich Vogel, who previously worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be in charge of the new studio, though little else is known about the studio’s internal structure. Previously, Vogel worked on Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies at BioWare.

More interestingly, Battlecry Studios has job listings for positions such as “Monetization Designer.” Furthermore, job listings talk about working on an “upcoming online game.”

While it’s completely unclear what games this new studio will work on, it appears to be MMO-related, and speculation exists that it will be related to the new Elder Scrolls MMO.

Here are some of the studio’s job descriptions:

  • Develop and manage the economy/monetization components of our online game
  • Work closely with design team to develop a framework for a successful live game
  • Manage pricing of virtual goods and balance free vs. paid currency in the game economy
  • Design game features that monetize and re-engage players
  • Review reporting on in-game currency usage, earning and purchasing
  • Drive new initiatives for monetizing the customer base
  • Work with a team of analysts to propose new features and define, collect and analyze metrics

Whatever the studio is used for, we’ll keep you updated on more news as we hear about it.