Beautiful Katamari Demo Coming Late August

Namco Bandai has confirmed that a demo of Beautiful Katamari, the first game in the series not to appear on a Sony branded console, will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace on 22 Aug. However, as of now it seems the demo will just be available for Japan as Namco build up the hype for the game in the run up to its October 18th release in the territory. A English demo of the game will also be made available in September 2007 issue of Official Xbox Magazine, however a free Marketplace demo, like the Japanese one, would be much better, wouldn’t it?

Keita Takahashi, the Artist, designer, and creator of the previous Katamari Damacy titles, is not involved with Beautiful Katamari. The game will instead be thr work of Jun Moriwaki, who was the brains behind Me & My Katamari on the PSP.

The game will support 1-2 player support on the same Xbox and 2-4 player support over Xbox live in both cooperative and competitive modes, it is unknown if all these modes will be available in the upcoming demo.