Beatles songs set to be licensed to Rock Band

It now seems very likely that The Beatles will be coming to Rock Band in some form, at least that is what the WSJ thinks, as they report that Apple Corps Ltd (the group who license the bands songs) have agreed a deal with MTV Networks’ for the band to appear in the game.

This could be a huge coup for Rock Band, as Apple Corps are very tight-fisted with licensing of Beatles tracks – they are not even available on iTunes yet.

Regretfully, no one knows if the tracks will be available as DLC or if a whole new version of the game will be released (like what’s happening with AC/DC). In fact, no one even knows if there will be tracks yet, or maybe we’ll just get some Ringo Star DLC that will shout at us.

However, Fox News in their fair and balanced way comments that “word is that this “Rock Band” game will “blow away” all the others. It should include classics like “Revolution,” “Helter Skelter,” and “Hey Jude.

The full details will apparently be revealed in a press conference for which takes place at 2pm this afternoon.