BBFC rates Sin City game, but it’s just a DVD extra


Doing the rounds on rating sites can usually lead to some rather interesting info that companies don’t want you to know about yet. In fact, many recent downloadable games seem to get revealed that way. So imagine our surprise when the BBFC put up a rating for something called “Sin City: Kill ’em Good.

Could it be a new XBLA/PSN Beat ’em Up based on the movie done in Street of Rage style? That would be super awesome, would it not?

Sadly, we are not that lucky, as a bit more digging reveals Kill ‘Em Good is just an Interactive Comic Book that will be included on the new Sin City Uncut Blu-ray and DVD releasing in April.

Can someone please start making that beat em up though, as it would really be great.

We’ll have to stick with Madworld until then.