BBC’s Watchdog tackle Xbox 360 disc scratching error


BBC’s Watchdog, a consumer awareness weekly TV program, have reported on the problem of multiple 360 apparently scratching discs –  which they said happened without users moving or knocking against their consoles.

The families Watchdog interviewed said the games they played made a “strange noise,” before stopping abruptly, and when they opened the disc-drive to check what was wrong they saw their discs had been scratched beyond repair.

Their investigation found that older units could possibly cause scratches to disc when a “shock vibration” happens nearby, such as “placing a heavy book down” close to a 360 when running. However, when they tired that with a newer version of the console it passed with flying colours, leaving the disc scratch free.

According to experts they interviewed for the segment, games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band could cause such “shock vibrations” to be transmitted through to the unit, especially if you are jumping about while playing.

Microsoft respond to comments made by the show, but said the problems have happened because owners must have moved the console as they played the game – an excuse they’ve used countless times in various internet reports over the years. They also said such problems only happened to a small number of 360 owners.

Interestingly, the same show showed a 13 year old boy, Michael Mowatt, with a copy of the 18+ rated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in his possession, but that is another problem for another day.