Eastenders Albert Square

BBC iPlayer set to hit 360 later today, no Gold needed

Soon you can watch Eastenders (and others) on your Xbox 360, as the BBC iPlayer launches on Xbox today (March 20). Hooray!

Unlike most other entertainment apps, iPlayer will be free for all, so you will not need a Xbox Live Gold subscription to access its content. iPlayer will use the same Metro-style interface seen in Netflix, Youtube and other apps – which may annoy some.

Due to the use of Metro, iPlayer will be fully compatible with Kinect, so odds are you will use those features for a day, then get annoyed/bored and never used them again – then rage that Kinect thinks your foot is your hand if lie down on the sofa.

It’s been well documented that the BBC, due to the unique way in which we’re funded, have to make their services available wherever BBC iPlayer is for free,” says Head of BBC iPlayer, Dave Price,  to Eurogamer.

It’s been well documented that that’s what we’d have to do as well for all Xbox audiences in the UK. So we were delighted to agree terms back in the summer and then announce in October to say we would be launching in early 2012 and here we are hitting that deadline as we said.

Microsoft fully understood in order to make the service available, it had to be available to all Xbox users. That was something that was very much clear, and it’s great Microsoft supported us to ensure we are available to all the millions of Xbox users.”

You ain’t my mother!” said Zoe Slater when we asked for comment.