Battlestations: Pacific getting XBL/PC demo on April 30th

Eidos have revealed that come the 30th of April we will see the release of a Battlestations: Pacific demo on both XBL and PC. The demo will showcase a single-player mission called Divine Winds of Leyte, throwing players into the thick of the action with a Kamikaze attack on a US carrier fleet, and two multiplayer modes, Island Capture and Siege, each available to play offline in ‘Skirmish’, a new game mode which allows players to tackle any of the multiplayer maps in single-player against an AI-controlled enemy.

Battlestations: Pacific is the second game in the Battlestations franchise from Eidos. The sequel sees many new features added, such as new weapons, planes and experimental jet fighters, such as the Ohka.

The game depicts an historicaly correct story of what happened between the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 to the Battle of Okinawa in 1945 when playing the American campaign, and adopts a “what if” style story over the course of the Japanese campaign.

Eidos previously announced Battlestations: Pacific would be released on May 15th for both 360 and PC.