Battlefield Heroes boss happy if game breaks even

Speaking to videogaming247, a site which may or may not play video games 24/7, Battlefield Heroes’ executive producer Ben Cousins has revealed he’d be happy to keep the game running once it breaks even. He comments that in his mind the game does not have to run into profit to be labelled successful.

That would be down to someone more senior than me,” he remarked when asked on the possibility of the game getting closed down, “but my personal [opinion] would be that if we’re at least breaking even I’d like to keep the game running, just because it’s quite a good way of recruiting younger players into the Battlefield franchise and to teach them how to play for free, and as a marketing tool, frankly.

If you have not being keeping up to date with the game, it is a spin off of the Battlefield series that will be offered free. The game will be funded by adverts which will adorn the games official site as well as the ‘front-end’ of the game. However, EA hope to keep adverts out of the game itself.