Baten Kaitos II North America Release

The anticipated sequel (rather prequel) of 2004’s Gamecube hit RPG Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, according to Nintendo Power, will be available for purchase in North America beginning in the month of June.

As many already know, the controlled character will be a boy from the aggressive nation, Alfard, named Sagi. Sagi is an elite soldier who wants to mechanise the rest of the world which is deemed ‘primitive’ by Alfard citizens. While the original BK started at a fairly slow pace, this new epic jumps us right into the action as Sagi leads a strike to assassinate the Alfard Emperor. Oddly enough, the deed had already been committed and Sagi was a prime suspect. Nintendo Power doesn’t halt to reveal some new facts about the game and appearances from past characters.

In addition to the previously revealed Savyna, Gibari, and Ladekhan, Giacomo and Geldoblame will also make appearances, but will shock many fans of the original as they will play much different roles. Both are in the same special-ops unit as Sagi, but Geldoblame is described as “good-hearted”. For those who are uninformed, Geldoblame was the prime villain of the original.
Areas new and old will be visited, but don’t expect the old ones to be the same – a lot happens in twenty years time!
Characters will all draw from one large deck as opposed to the separate deck system the original sported.
Screenshots show unique worlds (really, the clay world is truly bizarre) and the return of the Ice Dragon.

Source Nintendo Power