Banjo 3 is a “clean start” for the series


Speaking to CVG, head of Rare design Gregg Mayles has talked a bit about the new direction Banjo will be going for the upcoming 360 release of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. He comments that he knows the game will be a change from the old N64 titles, but hopes fans will see it as an interesting franchise reboot rather than feeling frustrated by the changes.

We’ve kind of taken a step back from that and tried to make it a simpler, cleaner approach, obviously with this new mechanic in place,” he reveals. “I guess we’re all hoping for a clean start, that’s what I think it’ll do. It’s kind of, ‘There’s your old Banjo games, let’s put those in the past, you can remember how good those were, this is Banjo for the future’.