Baldurs Gate

Baldur’s Gate I / II: Enhanced Edition’s announced, Trent Oster tweets bucketloads

After a long, agony filled countdown, Baldur’s Gate official website has finally revealed the promised Baldur’s Gate game they were teasing – which is in fact two old Baldur’s Gate games.

The announcement is for an Enhanced Edition for both Baldur’s Gate I and II. The game will be published by Atari, although Beamdog will self-publish via digital platforms. However, no platforms are 100% confirmed as of yet. The new Editions are created using the “original source code,” but it will receive a “significant update.

Trent Oster who has been working on the project for over a year, and is an “Ex-BioWare / EA Video Game Director. Now Video Game/Internet Entreprenuer, as Beamdog, an independent PC download store / developer,” accordsing to his Twitter profile has been tweeting a lot to assure people that game will be good.

Choice quotes from him about the project include: “100% chance of new voice actors for new characters,” when questioned about adding voice work to the game and “We’re 2D isometric all the way,” when questioned on if the game would be changing visually. Also, when questioned on when more info would be coming, he revealed that screenshots & other platform announcements would be shown “Same time, next week” – kind of like that old Batman show.