Bad Company Beta leaked on torrent sites


If you were one of the people that did not get in the Battlefield Bad Company beta then you might be angry. Well, apparently you can cheer up now as the beta has been leaked. Yes, it seems that anyone can now go to one of those torrent sites, type in the game’s name and you’ll find the beta available to download.

We have not downloaded it ourselves, but the file size is 1.07 GB, which is exactly the same as what you get on 360 so it seems legit. If you choose to download you can then burn the ISO onto a DVD-R, put it in your 360 and play. Even better, just like the leaking of the Guitar Hero III demo from a while back you won’t even need a modded/chipped 360 either, and it will work on a normal console once you burn with the right software.

Obviously, these are the kind of sites that we naturally know absolutely nothing about, so we cant tell you how to get there. Sorry! Oh, and there is also the chance of MS dropping the ban-hammer on those playing this way, although it’s fair to say the chance of that is slim as I am sure Microsoft would be happier to take money every month for your Live subscription instead of dealing out mass bannings to 1000’s of people.