Avary Talks Silent Hill Film Which Could Be Good!

Roger Avary (who I now class as an all round good guy) has promised that up coming Silent Hill movie will be firmly based around the actual games. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Avary said: “Christophe [Gans, the director of the movie] and I knew how passionate the video game fans are for Silent Hill. At the minimum, we didn’t want to piss them off. We wanted to make this movie for them.”

Avary went on to observe that this isn’t always the way with video game tie-ins: “Hollywood executives are very quick to throw out the source material of a game. Doom kills me. That was one of the movies I wanted to do so badly. I met with them early on, and I looked at the original script and asked, where’s the Doom in this?”

We will all find out if he succeded on April 25th, lets hope he did!