Australian High Court: Mod Chips Legal

Today, the Australian High Court finally, and unanimously, decided that the modification of Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles by way of mod chips is entirely legal. The news comes at an end of a four year battle by Sony against Sydney businessman Eddy Stevens.

Sony, like all console manufacturers, has different regions for consoles in different parts of the world. Mod chips, among other things, allow for NTSC games to be played on PAL consoles and vise versa. Sony, in 2001, begun a legal battle to prevent the action, which was legal in Australia.

Nathan Mattock, Stevens’ lawyer, told the Associated Press it was a “victory for consumers, but also business people as well,”, enabling some 1.5 million Australians who own a PS2 to have the right to mod their PS2 and purchase cheaper, foreign games and play those games on their consoles.

A win for Australians indeed.