Aurora Feint temporarily removed from App Store

Those that have recently got access to an iPhone or iPod Touch, and are looking to download Aurora Feint, the free game that has been causing a bit of a stir will be disappointed to hear that the title is no longer available to download from the App Store. In fact, Apple has resorted to pulling the application from the service due to recent concerns about the storage of user data.

It all started when Macenstein posted a news item with the rather inflammatory headline “Is Aurora Feint the iPhone’s first Spyware?” This news item popped up when they realised the game was copying e-mail addresses and phone numbers in peoples contacts list, storing them on their iPhone and then the data as unencrypted information to the Aurora Feint servers.

After the creators of the game found out about the reports they quickly sent out a message to the burgeoning community that had gathered around their game to assure them nothing wrong was happening. “Some people have noticed that on your iPhone’s hard drive we make a local copy of the email and phone numbers from your contact list. This data is sent to our web servers when you press “Refresh Your Friends” on the community page,” comments Danielle Cassley, one of the minds behind the game.

It is used ONLY to find other players who you know that have opted in to the community feature of Aurora Feint. This data is NOT saved on our web server. It is saved locally on YOUR iPhone so the game can optimize fetching that friend’s data in the future.

Apparently the developers have already updated the game to improve this feature, and it will now send this information via a secure connection. The new version is currently under review by Apple, and if they deem everything okay the game will go back up on the service once again.