ATI publishes Catalyst 4.9 for Doom 3 and UT2004

Written by Ryder

Right down to the numbers, [link=http//]ATI[/link] expects owners of the Radeon X800 XT to see an improvement of ten to 15 percent, when playing Doom 3 in anti-aliasing mode. UT2004 should improve considerably for models 9200, 9500 Pro, 9700 Pro, 9800 Pro and 9800 XT products with increases of up to 25 percent “in some circumstances, particularly at extreme graphics settings such as 6xAA + 16xAF,” ATI said. Link directs you to driver download.

The new driver also resolves texture corruptions in Far Cry 1.2, light map artifacts in XIII, lens flaring in Serious Sam SE, pixel errors in Tony Hawk 4, as well as issues in IL2 Forgotten Battles, Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb, Pain Killer, Star Wars Knights of the Old Rebublic, Tabula Rasa, problems with connecting a 7pin HDTV dongle as well as DVD playback with PowerDVD and erDVD.

The control center now also displays version number 4.9, which will require Microsoft’s .NET version 1.1. ATI promises quicker startup time as well as easier manageability of the software.