Atari Plan Impressive Alone in the Dark Limited Ed

Most Limited Edition release of games are pointless, for example the one Ubisoft did for Assassins Creed was on the darker sides of undigested corn encrusted shit – where it first got people excited, and then did the equivalent of spitting in their face. However, every now and then a good one comes along, and the one Atari plan for Alone in the Dark could impress enough to warrant it’s slightly higher price tag.

The pack will include a the game disk (duh!), the games soundtrack on one of those old fashioned audio CD things, a DVD with behind the scenes and extra video material, a map of Central Park – where the game is set, and a 15cm tall statue of Edward Carnby – the games main protagonist. All of this will be available for a RRP of £45 – with most online stores probably knocking a few quid off. Hopefully the statue will be good quality. The pack will be available for the PC and 360 version of the game.