Atari Finally Admit Driv3r’s Shortcomings

While speaking to Games Radar Atari’s sales and marketing vice president, Nique Fajors has lashed out at Driv3r, saying the franchise was nothing more than “a half-baked product that was pushed out the door for revenue reasons.” It may have taken 2 years and the sale of the franchise to Ubisoft to bring the blood out of this stone but at least someone that hand a hand in creating the travesty is finally seeing sense. Fajors did not stop there with his criticism as he continued that he hopes that things will change at Atari soon as they “will be putting a stronger emphasis on quality control and so will be hiring teams who feel ‘disgust with losing and disgust with being mediocre.'”

Lets hope these strong words match their action in coming months and years so we can all enjoy something of quality down the line.