X05: Atari Announce Line-Up For Show

Atari today presented its full line-up of forthcoming titles for the next-generation Xbox 360 and current-gen Xbox video game and entertainment systems from Microsoft. With presentations of the titles at Microsoft’s X05 event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Atari is cementing its commitment to Microsoft’s next-generation hardware with three outstanding original games, and supporting the current Xbox with strong licenses and highly anticipated titles.

The games we are currently working on for Xbox 360 represent a diverse offering, with the focus squarely on delivering quality and an astounding next-gen experience,” said Cyril Voiron, Marketing Director, Atari Europe. “At the same time, the upcoming Xbox titles represent some of the most exciting and powerful properties, franchises and licenses in the video game market place today.

Alone in the Dark (Xbox 360)
Featuring a unique gameplay structure adapted for a broader audience, Alone in the Dark will provide a complete next-generation, action-packed experience within a highly detailed, free-roaming environment, featuring a mixture of astonishing real-time physics and full environmental interaction. The game is being developed by Eden Games, a leading first party studio of Infogrames Entertainment and considered amongst the finest in the industry.

Test Drive Unlimited (Xbox 360)
Packed with over 100 vehicles, one thousand plus miles of open roads, and an abundance of online options, Test Drive Unlimited is the ultimate online automotive gaming experience. Making full use of Xbox® Live(TM), racers around the world will challenge others to join them in the virtual paradise of the game’s persistent online racing world. Test Drive Unlimited is being developed by Eden Games and is scheduled for release in spring 2006.

TimeShift (Xbox 360, Xbox)
The unprecedented technology in TimeShift empowers gamers with the ability to slow, stop and reverse the flow of time around them while remaining completely unaffected. These complex and original time control scenarios are integral to the gameplay, and take first-person action games in an entirely new direction. Developed by Saber Interactive and scheduled for release on Xbox 360 in spring 2006, and Xbox in summer 2006.

The Matrix Path of Neo (Xbox)
Set in the Matrix film universe, The Matrix Path of Neo empowers gamers to actually play as “Neo,” the central character, and relive his most important and memorable scenarios from the complete film trilogy. Throughout the game, the path the player takes to resolve each scenario and the resulting consequences will be scripted and directed by the Wachowski Brothers. The Matrix Path of Neo incorporates the storyline and footage from all three feature films, as well as THE ANIMATRIX. The game includes the likenesses of all of the films’ key actors — Keanu Reeves (Neo), Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus), Carrie-Ann Moss (Trinity), and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) — as well as several sequences of film-quality live-action, full-motion footage (FMV), as well as Hollywood-quality effect sequences. The Matrix Path of Neo is being developed by Shiny Entertainment and scheduled for release in November 2005.

Marc Ecko’s Getting Up Contents Under Pressure (Xbox)
With players taking the role of Trane, a young graffiti artist striving to become a legend, Marc Ecko’s Getting Up Contents Under Pressure promises to be an homage to graffiti’s rich culture. Told through an alternate reality in a futuristic universe, the game represents the culmination of seven years of story and character development by fashion pioneer Marc Ecko, the visionary behind several of today’s most respected youth lifestyle brands. Marc Ecko’s Getting Up Contents Under Pressure is being developed by The Collective and is scheduled for release in November 2005.

Driver Parallel Lines (Xbox)
The genre-defining Driver franchise returns to its gameplay roots in Driver Parallel Lines, with highly sophisticated, adrenaline-pumping car chase AI and unprecedented vehicle dynamics and physics. Driver Parallel Lines is set in a photorealistic interpretation of New York City, features a seamless open mission structure integrated around a central storyline, and will be one of the first games of the genre to incorporate online play for console versions. Driver Parallel Lines is being developed by Reflections Interactive and is scheduled for release in spring 2006.