Assassin’s Creed Going To The Movies?

Ubisoft seemed to be convinced they have got a good thing going with their upcoming PS3 title Assassin’s Creed. We say this as we have noticed they have updated their trademark with the following description that is hid amongst a myriad of other words. Part of the trademark now reads “Entertainment services namely television action series and the production of motion pictures

It looks like Ubisoft wants to use the name or even the concept of Assassin’s Creed for more uses than just games, namely TV shows and movies. Considering how rich the mythology and mystery behind the game is is it would be very easy for tons of plots and storyline to be developed if Ubisoft decided to do so.

Of course this trademark addition may be just Ubi covering their bases so we will have to wait for an official announcement (if their will ever be one) before anything happens on the non-gaming front for Assassin’s Creed.