Famitsu Asks Readers about Next-Gen…

Sorry for the rough translation, but below is how Famitsu’s readers responded to the new consoles unveiled at E3 this year. Suprisingly Nintendo placed more interest in the Playstaion 3, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 seems to have taken a considerable jump in interest, with the original Xbox only claiming less than 0.5% of the actual Japanise Market.


Famitsu-inquired to Next generation console

28.05.05 – Famitsu asked its readers in its newest edition, which next-gen console interests them most.

1) Nintendo Revolution 42.2%
2) Sony PlayStation 3 39.8%
3) Microsoft Xbox 360 18.0%

As special aspects for the respective hardware, the readers indicated

– The console is very little and of the design atypical for Nintendo.
– The download-possibility of old Famicom (NES) and super Famicom (SNES) games.
– The console could possibly cause a Revolution, as the name says.
– Much is still a mystery and unclear, unlike the other hardware, but one possesses hope.

– Outstanding technical data, remove itself of the other hardware.
– Upward Compatible to PlayStation and PLAYSTATION2.
– Things as well as Cell has and Blu-ray that are missing the other consoles.
– The design of the console and the controller is great.

Xbox 360
– The developers are is a splendor, and it a surprise that also people as well as Akira Toriyama with at the same time are.
– Square Enix supports the console.
– Name, housing color, dimensions vertical setting up of the console, technology and software-Lineup are more positive.


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