Electronic Arts ♥ Katamari

Electronic Arts today announced plans to co-publish Namco’s We ♥ Katamari in PAL territories. We ♥ Katamari will be available exclusively for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system in early 2006. We ♥ Katamari sees the return of the pocket-sized Prince and his merry band of multi-coloured cousins under the watchful eye of his Exalted Smugness, the King of All Cosmos.

At last, the time has come for our fans in Europe to enjoy We ♥ Katamari,” said Keita Takahashi, the game’s Director at Namco. “I am so excited about this! Basically, this is a silly game that doesn’t involve a whole lot of thinking, but if you will just laugh and sing along as you roll, roll and roll, I’m sure you will find it to be a lot of fun.”