Armageddon For PS3 And 360

Boanerges Studios, based in California, have announced they will be bringing a first person shooter titled ‘Armageddon’ to the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. At the moment we don’t know too much, although a short description of the game a few screenshots is available via their website.

“[i]Armageddon (working-title) is an exciting story driven FPS set in the end times. In the near future much of the world unites under a multi-national government. This new age marks the end of man’s separatist ways, and anyone who is unwilling to surrender their heritage for the greater good is an outlaw, to be systematically hunted down and exterminated.

Choose to join the rebellion and fight the enemy against all odds, or join the world’s most lethal military machine as it sets out to eradicate the opposition from the face of the planet. Battles occur in real-world locations with fast paced customizable vehicle combat and friendly squad A.I. A random sub-mission system provides a unique experience every time a map is played, framing online and offline gameplay rich with content and impressive level design[/i].”

Source Gaming 360