Arkanoid XBLA has a sneaky 400MP hidden cost


Reports coming in from people who bought the recently released Xbox Live Arcade offering Arkanoid Live! (the exclamation mark is part of the name we are not all that excited) have said the game does not completely unlock after you buy the “Full Game” from XBLA for 800MP.

Once you spend those initial points you only get access to episodes one and two of the game, and you are then asked to spend another 400MP to unlock episodes three and four.

What’s even worse, is that there is no hint you will be charged this extra amount until you initially spend your money – no mention of it on the XBLA blurb before you buy or on the more detailed listing online. Surely that is illegal in some way?

Those bastards are deceitful greedy little feckers,” said DarkZero upon finding out the news this morning. “Yes they deserve to die, and i hope they burn in hell,” said a member of staff. “We should put these quotes in the news item,” said a third member of staff.

Everyone is complaining over on Major Nelson’s blog right now, it seems like the cool thing to do.