APB-dev to reveal a second MMO next year

Dave Jones, CEO of Realtime Worlds (of Crackdown fame) has revealed that although the company is hard at work on APB, they are planning to release details of their second MMO project next year.

No other info has been revealed as yet, but Jones did say that it was “a very ambitious project” that the company is “very excited about”.

He also revealed that this unannounced MMO is actually the project which Realtime Worlds originally set out to create, and was what the initial $50million in venture capital was raised for back in 2005.

Supposedly the ambitious nature of this huge project is the reason why APB will be released first. Despite this, APB is far from an afterthought. The QA team at Realtime Worlds will soon surpass 70 people, and the company is already preparing for the 24/7 business model that an MMO requires.

Jones wasn’t yet prepared to reveal what sort of pricing model APB will be following, but he merely said that it would, “remain flexible foras long as possible and focus on what it costs to run the game.”

Although APB is now set to be released in Q1 2010, it’s likely there will be a beta this year on PC. We’ll bring you more details when we have them.