Another Code Wallpapers and scans

To celebrate the release of Another Code in Japan this week, Nintendo have released some tasty wallpapers, worthy of “Another” look!

The wallpapers are as sweet looking as the game itself, and fit in with the DS style advertising in Japan

We also have the latest scan from this weeks Jump Magazine in Japan, giving us further insight into what we can expect, when the game eventually gets a release in Europe

Scan From Jump Magazine

The wallpapers are in a variety of resolutions, which should satisfy everyones requirements.

Wallpaper 1 @ 800

Wallpaper 1 @ 1024.

Wallpaper 1 @ 1280.

Wallpaper 1 @ 1600.

Wallpaper 2 @ 800

Wallpaper 2 @ 1024.

Wallpaper 2 @ 1280.

Wallpaper 2 @ 1600.