Sony Announces Content Line-Up For Euro PSP Lauch

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced its launch line up for its new handheld portable entertainment system, PlayStation Portable. Providing consumers with a completely integrated portable entertainment system comprising games, music, movies, communication, and wireless networking, PSP will be available in Europe and across PAL region territories on 1st September 2005.


The PSP games line-up features a stunning selection of 29 titles spanning a wide range of genres, all designed to make the most of the PSP with bite-sized levels, downloads, game-share features and outstanding graphics delivering the maximum enjoyment for gaming on the move. Games can be customised according to the time-frame available, allowing players to maximise their 10 minute commute or entertain themselves on a long-haul flight to Los Angeles.

Featuring some of the best PlayStation 2 titles reinvented for the new format, alongside some all-new properties, the games catalogue offers something for everyone – from speed freaks taking on the new turbo charged Ridge Racer or the adrenaline-fuelled tunes of WipEout Pure, to hardcore gamers testing their skills in the legendary MediEvil, to the crazy monkey games of Ape Academy.

Ape Academy The cheeky monkeys are back in an ape extravaganza with 50 madcap mini-games on PSP ranging from monkey hockey to the 1m Dash! A manic multiplayer mode allows two players to compete on one PSP or you can link up with another PSP user for some Wireless monkey madness. In addition there are 200 different crazy monkeys to collect and swap with you friends.

Everybody’s Golf The lastest version of everybody’s favourite golf game features varied courses, characters and venues and a host of challenging modes including Stroke Play, Putt Golf and Match Play. After selecting their golfer, players can customise their abilities, attributes and appearance to create the perfect putting Pro. Players can also go head-to-head with up to eight friends in Wireless compatible Ad Hoc Mode to become a true golfing legend.

Fired Up Road rage takes on a whole new meaning in Fired Up! Join the resistance and strike back against a hostile invasion force in the exhilarating single gameplay mode or fast and furious multiplayer action with Wireless support and Game Sharing for up to eight players. Fired Up offers huge open ended environments to explore, each packed with extreme vehicles, brutal weaponry and unlockable extras.

F1 Grand Prix F1 Grand Prix features all of the officially licensed tracks, cars and drivers of the 2005 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. The race features seven challenging modes ranging from the immediate thrills of Quick Race Mode to the sustained excitement of World Championship. Wireless compatible multiplayer races and downloadable content extend the action even further.

MediEvil Resurrection Everyone’s favourite skeletal knight, Sir Dan Fortesque, returns in an adventure filled with undead action and crazy humour. Featuring signature MediEvil gameplay, MediEvil Resurrection features a huge range of combat moves and diverse weapons to aid Dan on his enthralling but dangerous mission through the land of Gallowmere. Re-imagined for PSP, MediEvilResurrection is also packed with madcap arcade minigames, each with Wireless multiplayer support for double the fun.

Ridge Racer The quintessential racing game makes its turbo charged debut on PSP with 58 revised and enhanced cars, all featuring the Ridge Racer series trademark drift handling and all-new Nitrous System for an additional boost. The game features 24 breathtaking courses spanning the entire Ridge Racer series, and allows up to eight players to battle it out in Wireless multiplayer challenges.

WipEout Pure The definitive futuristic racing franchise makes its handheld debut on PSP with stunning new tracks to navigate at unbelievable speeds. The series’ music heritage continues with a dynamic soundtrack featuring cutting-edge acts, including Aphex Twin, Plump DJs and Stanton Warriors. Downloadable content – including extra circuits, new craft, personalised skins and additional music -expands the WipEout experience, and more than doubles the size of the game.

World Tour Soccer Challenge Edition World Tour Soccer brings all the excitement of the game to the small screen, and, with the PSP’s high resolution, loses none of the atmosphere of the big game experience. Featuring over 200 teams including international sqauds, club sides and special teams, World Tour Soccer Challenge Edition features a wide range of modes to master, including Challenge Mode, Exhibition Mode and Club Mode. Wireless multiplayer matches allow players to issue and receive challenges to take on other players in the vicinity.

World Rally Championship The first officially licensed rally title for a handheld platform, FIA World Rally Championship title provides the most authentic rally experience available. With 64 tracks, 30 cars and all 17 registered drivers from the 2005 WRCTM season World Rally Championship fully immerses players in the intense world of off-road rallying. In addition, the game pushes players to the limit with the ability to link up to other PSP systems for Wireless multiplay competitions.


At launch, PSP will offer an extensive list of titles on UMD. Following the successful launch of movie content on UMD in the US and Japan, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release 19 movies in September 2005 to coincide with the launch of PSP in Europe and Australia. Following the same release strategy as in North America and Japan, SPHE will release new movies on UMD for PSP on a “day-and-date” basis with their release on DVD, and will also be releasing titles from their back catalogue.

SPHE will continue to release eight to ten titles each month thereafter and anticipate having approximately 45 titles out on UMD by the end of 2005. In addition, SPHE has worked closely with many other studios to promote the UMD Video format and looks forward to similar collaboration with the home video industry in Europe and Australia.

The 19 movies scheduled for launch in September 2005 are

13 Going on 30
A Knight’s Tale
Anaconda The Hunt for the Blood Orchid
Bad Boys
Charlie’s Angels
Ghostbusters Hellboy
Hollow Man
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
The Punisher
Resident Evil Apocalypse
Spider-Man 2
The One
You Got Served
XXX The Next Level


PSP will offer downloadable music content on Memory Stick and will also offer music video on UMD. SCEE is collaborating with Sanctuary Visual Entertainment, the world’s largest independent music group, to release a range of music videos for PSP. Sanctuary Visual Entertainment’s music catalogue contains over 100 titles. They will be releasing music video UMD titles from such classic artists as Iron Maiden, Bob Marley and INXS at launch, and will also be working with SCEE to secure exclusive content for music UMD from more contemporary artists over the coming months.

With an unprecedented line-up of gaming titles, along with rich content support from world class instantly recognisable companies in the music and movie industry already confirmed, PlayStation Portable’s position as an all-round, highly capable entertainment device is assured.