SouthPeak Announce New Anime-style Game

Southpeak, a publisher who are most famous for filling our inbox with numerous unwanted press releases, have announced they will be bringing a anime-inspired hack and slash style game to PC, 360 and PS3 sometime later in the year. The game will go by the name X-Blades – which sounds a bit generic for an anime title in all honesty.

In the most recent of these emails, which was stuffed straight in our inbox they tell us that X-Blades is a game that puts you in control an “seductive yet tenacious heroine” called Ayuni. We are told that players can control Aynui (who name we can’t pronounce) as they move about the environment showcasing “cinematic style, beautiful animation and relentless high-speed gameplay.” Pistol blades, acrobatic ability and magic spells will apparently be her weapons of choice

We are big fans of anime and that was really our inspiration for X-Blades,” said James Seaman, Managing Director at Topware Interactive. “Our goal was to create stylistic characters and artwork and to mix that bombastic visual style with lightning fast action. The result is a killer title that gamers and animation fans won’t be able to put down.

The unique anime-style backdrop combined with high-octane, multi-discipline combat gameplay really pushes X-Blades into brand new territory,” said Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Games. “The 3rd-person ‘hack-em-up’ genre needs a fresh perspective and X-Blades is poised to deliver it.