Anger Leads Boy To Wee On Wii

English people are weird, even you may be weird – seeing as this site is predominantly for English people with the whole thing been attached to it. Anyway, even if you are weird then we have found someone a lot weirder than you you, so weird in fact that he angrily pissed on a Wii! Now, as much as Wee’d like this to be a story about a drunk Friday night it unfortunately is not, as the Wee’er in question was just four year old.

Metro humorously reports the news telling readers that Ellis Emsley weed all over six-year-old brother Danny’s prized Nintendo Wii – leaving it water-logged and out of action after he refused to let him play on it.

Their mother Kerry, who is obviously raising her children the right way said “It seems Ellis got fed up with Danny being obsessed with the Wii and refusing to play with him. He was told it was his turn on the Wii next, but he took it a bit too literally and used his secret weapon to sabotage the machine.