Anderson Gone From Castlevania Film

The upcoming movie adaptation of Castlevania, which up until recently had Paul W.S. Anderson’s name plastered all over it, has now been made completely Anderson free. The first change came earlier this year when Anderson conceded his directing duties of the film, as he wanted to work on something else. But now it has been revealed that the script he wrote for the film is in the process of been completely reworked thus taking Andersons name completely away from the project.

The script will now be left in the hands of Ian Jeffers, who is a rather unknown name. However, it is not all bad as Jeffers recent script for the upcoming film Death Sentence which stars Kevin Bacon has been getting some okay comments in the run up to its release.

Regardless of who is now writing the film, production on the project it still scheduled to begin later on in the autumn, with Sylvain White directing. However, White’s biggest claim to fame is the straight to DVD release of I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, so I guess we should be worried.

The film is released is still penned in for a late 2008 release. Let’s hope all goes to plan (and maybe hope some more)