MSX And Neo-Geo Games On Virtual Console

By means of a quick update on Nintendo’s Japanese site it has been confirmed that MSX and Neo-Geo game will appear on the Wii Virtual Console over the course of 2007 and beyond. This addition bring a total of seven platforms to Virtual Console with the above names joining the likes of NES, SNES and N64, Mega Drive/Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 to bring nostalgic joy to our lives.

Right now there are two titles planned for Spring release on Japan’s VC for MSX – those game been Eggy and Aleste, both by D4 Enterprise and costing 800 points each. Unfortunately no Neo-Geo games have been announced as of yet but there are sure some corkers to choose from when every they get around to releasing some.

There is some bad news coming from all this though as no US or Euro announcemeant has being made concerning MSX And Neo-Geo hitting our shores as of yet… will we see the above title an other over here as well?