Microsoft and Intel Pledge HD-DVD Support

For awhile now, the dispute between Toshiba’s HD-DVD format and Sony’s Blu-ray disc format has carried on. The two formats began as rivals; however Sony and Toshiba eventually came to the conclusion that a unified market on a single format would be the best way to go. The companies set to the task of creating a format to satisfy each of their needs, yet no compromise could was ever achieved.

Several months later no unified compromise has been decided upon and the two formats are now rivals in the market-to-come once again. Sony’s Blu-ray standard format is generally more expensive yet is able to have much more storage and data space than Toshiba’s cheaper HD-DVD format. However, companies tend to back up a certain format, and in addition to several other companies, Microsoft and Intel have announced that they too would support Toshiba’s HD-DVD format. Microsoft spokesperson Jordi Ribas stated, “Microsoft decided to jump on the HD-DVD disc format because it also enables consumers to legally make a copy of the disc onto their hard drive — be it a personal computer or a consumer electronic device with a hard drive.”

Will Microsoft and Intel support be enough for Toshiba’s HD-DVD to emerge victorious? Stay tuned to Dark Zero for the latest as the corporate giants ultimately decide a victor.

Source The Globe and Mail