An iPOD Replacement?

Written by Andrew

Source, and image BBC

Sony is to revamp its famous Walkman by launching a digital music player to rival Apple’s iPod, which has led the market since its 2001 launch.

Sony said its device would be about £55 cheaper and able to store 3,000 more songs than the top iPod model.

It is also aiming to boost use of its online music store Sony Connect, as its Walkman will play songs only in the company’s own format.

The Walkman hits Japan on 10 July, the US in August and Europe by September.

Sony said its Network Walkman NW-HD1 would carry 13,000 songs and sell for around £219. This compares with approx. £274 for the highest capacity iPod which can store 10,000 songs.

The device will be incompatible with other online stores and cannot play tunes in the popular MP3 format.

It is slightly larger than a credit card and less than half an inch thick. Sony said the battery lasted 30 hours, at least three times longer than the iPod.

It also promised shock-resistant technology that protected the hard drive if dropped.

It uses a 20-gigabyte hard-drive, compared with Apple’s highest capacity 40 gigabyte models.

Sony said the NW-HD1would be the smallest player of its capacity on the market.

Last month Apple’s pioneering online music service iTunes was launched in the UK, Germany and France, offering more than 700,000 songs for 79p or 0.99 euros each.

ITunes has proved enormously popular in the US, with about 85 million songs downloaded since its launch in April 2003.

Will the iPOD be replaced with Sony’s new gadget? We’ll have to wait and see…