amBX looking to bring smells to games

amBX, the weird tech with rumble generators, ambient coloured lights, and fans that I don’t think anyone owns may soon be bringing smell to their collection of stimulus to make games feel a bit more real. However, there are apparently some resilient niggles that need to be overcome to make the tech viable.

If you have not being keeping up to date amBX is a tech that developers can choose to implement in their games by including certain trigger points in levels. These points then tell any external kit connected to your PC to perform a specific action at an appropriate moment.

The first level of sensory experience is light and sound. We make it possible for any effects to be produced, and this includes smell” said an amBX rep when questioned by Times Online.

However she noted the one big problems the boffins face to make this possible. “It’s easy to introduce a smell into a room, the problem is how to remove an odour quickly in order to create the next one.